ESG e Bilancio di sostenibilità

ESG is a set of 3 different dimensions related to sustainability:

  • Environmental dimension
  • Social dimension
  • Corporate governance dimension

TAI totally embraces this forward-looking view and has risen to this new challenge. Our job in this regard is to help our customers to shape sustainable strategies and to deliver valuable outcomes to all the stakeholders.

The strategic path and goals

Our ESG managers will help you in making your business work responsibly, ethically and transparently.

The final goal is to ensure economic progress and growth responsibly, for example using natural and renewable resources, enabling new techs without damaging the environment, safeguarding rights and safe working conditions with respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion, while promoting corporate integrity and fiscal transparency at the same time. Some of the key issues: circular economy, energy efficiency, recycling, waste management, business ethics, etc.

Sustainability has become a global commitment, affecting not only businesses and financial markets but also workers and consumers on the front line as well.

It is therefore essential that economic development simultaneously achieves general, social and environmental well-being.


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