Internationalization is an essential step for any company looking to expand

Exporting, expanding in foreign markets, doing business overseas can be a major challenge for Smes with international ambition.

TAI provides a full range of international services thanks to its global network operating worldwide and focused on strategic goals and business development.

Our services:

  • TEM: ongoing activities as Temporary Export Manager certified company.

  • Market scan: we analyse foreign markets to identify business opportunities for your company and to develop effective market entry strategies, taking into account economical as well as socio-cultural factors that may influence local sales.

  • International communication: application of dedicated marketing strategies to meet local cultural and linguistic requirements.

  • Management of import/ export operations: we manage import/export procedures to ensure that your company complies with local regulations providing also customs consultancy.

  • Partner research and selection: we help you to promote your International network finding trusted business partners (agents/distributors/buyers) and building local sales channels suited to your business needs.

  • International trade missions: TAI can promote your business internationally as corporate representatives at international shows and trade fairs.

TAI is certified by Italian governmental institutions as a Temporary Export Manager company


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